We thank our satisfied customers for their words of praise and appreciation.

“I have had the privilege of working with James Martin and Dustin Wendling at different capacities over the last 10 years. They have proven to be very proficient at aerial construction and using multiple applications.

James Martin has been extremely in tuned to whatever the business needs were at the time, and was able to deliver every request made. Some of the different areas of expertise have been: Aerial Construction including coax and fiber, Emergency Response Team Fiber restoration and splicing, Cell Tower Backhaul survey and construction, and ADSS. They were also instrumental in the restoration of the recent tornado destruction in our Ohio and Kentucky interests.”


“I would like to take the time to complement Edwards Moving and Rigging in a job well done last night transporting the Yankee Dryer through the Frankfort Plant Board’s (FPB) service area in Franklin county.  We were very impressed with the coordination of Edwards, NACC, and state police.  I can honestly say that at no time did we feel like FPB facilities were going to be damaged or handled negligently.  The crews involved made the move look simple and demonstrated a great deal of professionalism.  Myself, along with FPB staff working last night will agree that the next time Edwards Moving transports an oversize load through our service area we will be at ease knowing that the operation will go smoothly.  Please pass this along to your employees that worked last night and congratulate them on a job well done!


Mike Harrod
FPB Cable/Telecommunications”

“Just wish to share my thoughts concerning the performance level of the NACC Team performing the installation for DP&L.  Although this is early in the construction phase, this team has performed extremely well from the start.  From the first day when the team completed the removal of DP&L Signaling cable down Fairfield Rd to the extremely difficult crossing at I-675 this morning.  This team and (and specifically team leader) has exhibited a strong work ethic.  The concern for safety is outstanding, and professionalism at the very top end. I am extremely pleased with the performance to-date and look forward to our continued effort in completing this critical project.

Just a heads up and again, Kudos to this team!

Respectfully Submitted

Anthony Rosa
G4S Technology LLC”

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